COVID-19 Response

3/18/2020 - UPDATE

To the River’s Edge Congregation:

As I’m sure everyone is aware, gatherings are not allowed right now.  I met with the Board today and the decision was made to not meet in the church building for at least the next 3 Sundays.  We are praying we will be able to come back together for Easter Sunday, and maybe Maundy Thursday, but that all depends on the Government updates.  Until we are able to gather in person, we will embrace modern technology!! I, Kyle and Jean have been busy this week putting together everything needed to be able to offer an online experience for us!  

We will be LIVE on YouTube, Sunday at 10:07am.  

River’s Edge YouTube Channel

Make sure to use the link (above) and SUBSCRIBE so it will be easy for you to find Sunday.  If you did a search for River’s Edge Church you’ll discover there are quite a few and unfortunately some of them have the same logo as us! 

Jean will be posting the link on our social media sites, as well as emailing and sending out a text if you are in the “Loop”.  Please let us know if you are not able to connect to the YouTube channel.

During this time, we want to be a service to our community in any way that we can.  One option we have come up with is being available for people that are not able to get out to go shopping for groceries.  We are going to put together a list of people that are willing to be deliverers. You would simply go pick up their orders (people can order and pay online at Hy-Vee, I’m not sure of other local stores) and drop them off at their address.  No touching, no exchange of money. If you would be available during the day and want to offer your services, please let Jean know ASAP. 

Jean Foley |   -

A few of our church clean team has been busy this week disinfecting the entire church building.  Once that is done it will be locked up and not in use. We currently are still coming in to work in the office building, limiting the number of people here at one time.  But please if you need anything let us know! 

Church number is 641-648-6017, email. or Facebook are always great ways to communicate.

We love you, are praying for you and we WILL get through this.  

God is Good, All the time!

Pastor Mike

COVID-19 Response


To the River’s Edge Congregation in regards to COVID-19,


            We have navigated many challenges and even a few tragedies together as a church.  While we never delight in going through tough times, it is in these times that we pull together, we love one another, we pray for each other, we seek God and the leading of His Spirit, and then we do what He is leading us to do.  The challenges that the threat COVID-19 brings are certainly unique, but our God is bigger and He will see us through this.


            In the event that we need to make multiple statements and changes of direction please take note of the date at the top of each statement so that you are aware of how current that statement is.  The news is changing by the hour… and our responses will have to be ready to change as new information comes out.


            As of Friday March 13th at 2:30—The Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) is not recommending the cancellation of mass gatherings in our area.  Because of the current low risk in our area we are planning on having church services on Sunday March 15th.  However, there will be some minor changes that we want you to be aware of.


  • We have been asking that our volunteer teams who clean the church do a thorough job paying special attention to disinfecting surfaces and objects that are touched often. 
  • If you are sick with any illnesses we ask that you please stay home for the  protection of everyone.
  • If you are scheduled to volunteer, please contact the point person of your area and we will make sure that those duties are covered.
  • If you stay home remember that you can still listen to the sermons on our website at or on the apple podcast app.
  • If you are ill and in need of counsel, you can always reach out to me by phone, text, or email. 
  • If you are at a higher risk due to age or pre-existing medical condition we ask that you use your better judgment on whether to attend church.  We certainly would not judge or in any way look down on someone who stays home for a good reason. 
  • And while we want to pull together to address any challenge… in this particular challenge we are not pulling together physically.  Please be understanding that not many people will want handshakes and/or to receive hugs.


Philippians 4:6-7

6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


Stress and worry has never solved a single problem, yet we also acknowledge that it is not wise to be ill-prepared.  Myself along with the leadership of the church are keeping a close eye on the news and information being released by the IDPH and other agencies.  We will do our best to communicate as needed how this all affects our church, as well as what we can do to shine a light of hope and comfort into a nervous world.


God is good!

Pastor Mike