COVID-19 Update

River’s Edge Phase 2 Statement


After a brief hiccup last week... We are very excited to be cautiously moving into Phase 2

of our coming back together plan this Sunday, June 14th!  With our leadership teams here

at the church I have been using the illustration of a valve on a water faucet. We have been

living our entire lives with the valve fully opened. Then when COVID-19 hit we had to

suddenly slam the valve mostly shut. Now begins the delicate task of opening the

valve back up and keeping our hand on that valve to make quick adjustments as

needed. Please understand and have grace with us as we hold all of these plans

loosely and will likely need to make on-going adjustments as we learn together.

Below are some of our plans for Phase 2::

 We will be going to two services (9:00am & 11:00am). You will need to make

a reservation for the service which you and your family plan to attend. To

make the reservation follow the link provided HERE. You are reserving a group of

chairs (think like reserving a table at a restaurant).

 Some of our larger groups of chairs will be specifically reserved for larger

groups who have made reservations. Please don’t sit in a group of 6 chairs if

you have 4 or less people in your group.

 Upon entering the building please move to your seats to avoid congestion

near the entryway. After the service is over we will dismiss by groups and

encourage anyone that wants to hang and talk to please do so in the parking

lot and adhere to the social distancing guidelines.

 If you are not healthy or feel you are at higher risk… or for any other reason

you don’t feel comfortable coming back just yet… please feel free to continue

to watch our services on-line. We do plan on continuing this service from

now on!

 Offerings can now be made in the offering pillars at the church… or you can

also continue to give through the “Church Center” mobile phone app… or by

clicking the on-line giving link on our website at

 Masks are not mandatory but will be welcome. We will not be providing


 There will be hand sanitizer available near the front door and at other

locations in the building.

 The Well Café will not be opened during phase 2… feel free to bring your own

coffee with you.

 There will not be children’s ministry during phase 2… so your children will

have to sit with you. We will have two rooms open for parents to use with

their children if needed during the service.

Again, we are excited to be moving in the direction of gathering again… but as we do,

we do so with caution and safety in mind.

God is good!

Pastor Mike Mentzer